On the Road to Water Protection in Poland

The sixth point of Polish Scout Law says: A scout respects nature and intends to learn about it. Hence, every scout should be interested in protecting the environment and avoiding harming it.

One Scout Patrol „Knieja” from Zielona Góra, Poland every year takes part in a National Rally „Granica” in the Karkonosze mountains, in the south of Poland. This year’s team consisted of senior scouts – models for the juniors. At the rally there were different routes to choose from. We chose one focusing on how to stop water waste and tackle the problem of accessing it. During three days of the journey we had to climb the Karkonosze peaks and go through 12 checkpoints, where we performed tasks prepared by the organizers. One of the most memorable was when at the beginning we got a little bottle of water. In the cap there was a hole making the water spill at every little movement. This was to teach us how to care about every little drop.

The tasks, which focused on environment protection, triggered strong reflections in us. We realized that having running water does not mean it is like this in every corner of the world. A large number of people must fight for water, and there are places where it is more valuable than oil or gold.

Many thanks to YEE for the materials we got. Alongside the rally, we will also use them in our scouting events to teach our scouts how to take good care of nature, starting from the seed we got along with the folders.

Team Captain of 1 Scout Team „Knieja”
Jarosław Zasacki

Obrazek 4Obrazek 1


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